How It All Started

Ben and Vittoria purchased Bryce’s Bakery in 2013 from bakery guru Darryl Lane. Darryl had established an excellent pattern of quality, value and great customer service at the location that we have tried to adopt and enhance over the years. In 2016, Bryce’s Bakery Elizabeth were named as Guinness World Record Holders, after completing the world’s longest line of pies inside the Elizabeth City Centre. In 2017, Bryce’s became known as Chillo’s Cafe and a refit and cafe-style menu was introduced. Throughout all of this, the exceptional Management team at the Centre headed by Craig Brown and Rebecca McDonald made life easy, successful and fun for tenants including us. We would be nothing had it not been for the incredible support we received along the journey. Always pushing the envelope and challenging the status quo, Chillo’s is proud to offer a ‘Ban the Bland’ dining atmosphere for its loyal and sophisticated clientele. And with the generous support of the Playford Council, is also bringing live entertainment to the precinct, whilst giving a platform for local talent to perform on.

Live Entertainment At Chillo’s

Longest Line Of Pies World Record Attempt

How To Contact Us

Chillo's Cafe

Red Entrance

Near Coles

Elizabeth City Centre

Elizabeth Way, Elizabeth

P: 0430 300 940


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